Monday, September 16, 2019

Best TV Series 2019

After the big GoT final season disappointment, I felt some Best series list update is in dire need.
So here we go with the best TV series, which haven’t finished yet and I’m still watching them in 2019. After the fiasco with GoT I went through my list and cleaned it well. Here is what made the 2019 list (not in order):

Saturday, May 5, 2018

(I) Get Lost The Story of Us

It was so many years ago and I was losing the love of my life, or so I thought at the time. He called me one day, maybe a year or two after we'd broke, and had asked me to go find, rent the film "The Story of Us" and watch it. That he'd done so and had lost his sleep for awhile, and that I should also see it and think about our story and if we

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Game of Thrones Final Season Theory

I was kind of disappointed by the seventh season of GoT: the speed of action was so crazy, the show's lost almost all of its magic to me. But then again, I only really liked the first three books of George R.R. Martin. And I’ve only recently read the fourth and fifth thoroughly. Both were kinda boring, full of so much unnecessary detail, characters I didn’t care about, situations

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Post-Detox Feeding

The most important thing before starting a detox is to fully empty your colon. And you could find online tens of different ways to do it - natural or with medications. I would say - choose whatever works for you, as what matter is that when you start the cleansing process, there is nothing left inside to rot, ferment or otherwise bother you.
No less important is to choose the right feeding after you've finished the detox. You need to understand that you can't start eating everything right after you've been on juicing (or any other kind of diet). You need to gradually add in different foods, so that your body would be able to digest them in the best possible way. I'd advise you on beginning with some raw foods, and after a few days, adding slowly other, more complicated dishes.
I will share now what I ate the first week, after I finished the 5-day juicing detox:

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Post-winter Detox

Have you ever wondered why most of the detoxing, cleansing, fasting programmes start in February? I have. Not that I have a clear answer, but I think an idea has started to form in my mind. After all the cold winter months, during which one would mainly eat, drink and build depots full of toxins, February brings the hope of new life, slightly better temperatures, reminder of the soon coming spring and how you'd have to wear all the revealing cloths again... Now is the best time to get prepared for the new life and get rid of all the bad stuff you stuffed yourself with ;)
Since 2011 I've been trying to do at least one detox a year. At least 2-3 days long. For my first and Full Detox Programme you can read following the link. Typically I'd prepare everything myself, as I have bought a very good cold pressing juicer and smoothie maker, and a few books with fascinating recipes. But somehow this year I wasn't feeling quite motivated for all of this. So, instead of skipping my detox, I've decided to try something new. I've found this amazing new company,

Friday, February 3, 2017


I haven't really liked a Bulgarian song in years. Maybe since the times of KariZma. But it's obvious for me, that to fully appreciate a song, it has to be written in your native language. The lyrics, sometimes, speak directly to your heart, and even stronger than the music. And when lyrics so powerful are combined with a touching music, and the vocals are clear and strong, the result is magical.
I have also tried to translate the lyrics into English, but it was difficult, once because it's a love poem, and second - because they've used the traditional Bulgarian folklore style.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions

I've been thinking recently, why do we need to believe that our life could magically turn around to better starting a New Year? Is that some code imprinted in our genes, or is it just something we need to help us go through our lives, without losing hope?
I was trying to count down the instances when my life had dramatically changed with the beginning of a New Year, and I’ve actually counted a few occasions - 15 years ago when I quit smoking for good, 10 years ago, when I started a diet and lost all the extra weight I gained after quitting smoking, and once, when I met a man during a NY celebration and with whom I felt madly in love.
Still, if I am to draw a line, most often than not, a New Year would not give me any

Monday, December 5, 2016

Best Christmas Films List

Every year there is a time, when everyone starts watching Xmas specials. And I'm sure everyone has their own list of the best fils, that could quickly get them in the proper mood. 7 years ago I listed my favourites on FB, and then my friends started contributing to the list and now I've got more than 30 titles on it. What I've tried to do this year is to add a column with each film's IMBD score, and a link to it. Then I've sorted the titles based on their ranking.
My personal Xmas favourite is Love Actually, and maybe it says more about my optimism and well hidden santimental and romantic side that a thousand words would do :)
This year a friend requested that GoT should be added to the list, as apparently it was her #1 choice for watching during this time of the year. And as it has the best rating on IMDB, it suddenly topped the list. Now that's what I call a Xmas special ;)
And with no further ado, here comes the whole list.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Best TV Series, Updated List

I wonder if you've noticed how the movie-making and TV series-making industries have somehow shifted places recently? All movies are shot without a clear ending, hoping for a sequel. Then there comes the third, the fourth and so on, until it becomes a wide-screen series. And the quality of the production is not always good enough. Same time, some brilliant TV series have appeared - with great actors, intriguing plots, and plenty of money so that they were shot the best way possible. And the story is told well enough - the producers know from the very beginning that there will be 5 to 8 seasons, and how they must develop the story so that the interest in the series increases by each season.
Some time ago I wrote down my favourite TV series but now I believe it is time for an update.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

GoT Theory: What Is Waiting For Jon Snow In The Crypts Of Winterfell

Maybe not the first one to admit that is hooked on Game of Thrones, but so far the first one with this killing theory on what awaits for Jon Snow in the crypts of Winterfell. OK, let's start from the beginning: Years ago I watched the first three episodes of GoT and got completely absorbed by the story-line. Quickly bought the books and read them all and as everyone else in the universe got completely pissed off when the TV series surpassed the books. And not like the last two books were so good: I loved the first three but the fourth and the fifth were kind of disappointment - so many new POVs, slow pace, kind of day-time TV. Surprisingly the TV series were much better than the last two books in this domain, so that kept my curiosity alive and sharp. While reading the first book I suddenly realized that Jon Snow wasn't the illegitimate son of Ned Stark, and was almost sure that he was the child of Rhaegar and Lyianna. Glad it turned out to be the truth. I also think there was no abduction and that Rhaegar and Lyianna got married at some point. But that is not the point of writing this post. Although it is leading to it. Why do I think Jon's parents got married? How did I come to my theory on what is hidden in Winterfell and waiting for Jon?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Almost like meeting an old friend

So it was 2001 and I was falling in love with Marilyn Maison's version of Tainted Love. Maybe it was the lyrics, or maybe my own emotional state lead me to listening this song on repeat. After awhile I'd found out the Soft Cell's original and had even wandered what was it exactly that made me love so much about Marilyn's original.
And life went on and on, and I rarely, if at all had thought of Marilyn Maison. Until today. When I heard

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Lake...

I was having a dinner with a friend, and was kind of dissolved in the conversation, when the piano started and I heard this deep, amazing voice and it immediately captured my attention. There was no question if I could possibly concentrate a moment longer in the so interesting talk we had a moment ago. The voice was so earnest, the song was coming from the singer's soul and it was talking to me, it was putting its spell on me and I was sitting there, but my spirit was floating, bounded by the power of the song. I tried to listen to my friend, then to explain what had just happened, while the only thing which I wanted was to listen, listen, listen...

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gamble Everything For Love

The Blacklist has been on my "Top 10 TV Series" for three years now. No small reason for this is the excellent choice of music they make. Never fails to positively surprise me. Last episode was no exception - very tense and intriguing from the plot developing point of view and yet another great

Monday, December 7, 2015

Do I Wanna Know?

Oh my, how I liked this song! No matter how busy I've been lately, I liked it enough to make time to share it with you.