Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 22 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Blood, Lungs & Skin cleansing: Day 1 of 7
Today was the first day of the last week of the Full Detox Programme. I started cleansing the blood, lungs & skin.
Had to adjust to a new regime as cleansing the above mentioned requires more teas than juices and also I have to take different supplement. So on my daily diet I put:
1. One vitamin A (250 mg);
2. One vitamin E (250 mg);
3. One vitamin B9 (400 mg) - this one is could also help me out, as during my last checkups they found out that my red cells are less than the normal level;
4. Coltsfoot tea;
5. Elecampane tea;
I also put back on the menu Aloe Vera juice & Goose-grass tea.
Continue taking 1 pill of Denoxinal daily, 1000 mg of Vitamine C, Enzymes, and Pro- and Pre-biotics.
Eating mostly vegetables, fruit & legumes.
Today I walked for 4 km and also had a pleasant 3-hour Kundalini yoga practice. It was targeted on repairing the aura but also had some very nice exercises for kidneys, blood circulation, liver, lungs... Part of the practice was devoted on breaking connections with past that holds us back. In a way I felt like it was designed especially for me and to help me get through the phase I'm into.
Sat Nam :)


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