Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 7 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Kidneys and urinary tract & Intestinal tract cleansing: Day 7 of 7
Last day of the Kidney and Urinary tract & Intestinal tract cleansing went well apart from me being really down with a cold. My nose was running non-stop and I was sneezing a lot. Had much of the anti-cold tea and stayed at home the whole day. Was planning to get to the sauna or steam bath but then got a text from my fitness & spa, saying that due to some emergency works, there was no hot water in the centre.
As this was the last day of the first week, I had to decide whether to continue with the Plan or spend
some more days on targeting cleansing of the kidneys, urinary & intestinal tracts. According to the author of The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, the cleansing of these organs will result in their better performance and lack of symptoms associated with them being sluggish, as:
Kidneys & Urinary tract bad performance symptoms:
Back pain
Blood in your urine
Cloudy urine
Congestive heart failure
Dark-coloured urine
Diffi cult, frequent, or painful urination
Edema or bloating
Frequent chills, fevers, or nausea
High blood pressure
Kidney or bladder cancer
Kidney stones
Puffi ness around the eyes
Swollen fi ngers, ankles, legs, etc

Intestinal tract bad performance symptoms: 
Autoimmune disorders
Back pain
Bladder or vaginal infections
Brain fog (lack of mental clarity)
Breast cancer
Breast tenderness
Brittle nails or hair
Candida albicans overgrowth
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Coated tongue
Colon cancer
Crohn’s disease
Eczema or psoriasis
Food sensitivities
Frequent sore throats
Headaches or migraines
High cholesterol
Intestinal polyps
Irritable bowel syndrome
Mood swings
Muscle or joint pain
Nausea and bloating
Premenstrual syndrome
Protruding abdomen
Recurrent fevers
Sinus problems
Skin problems
Unpleasant breath or body odour

It was written in the book, that one of the symptoms that the cleansing was successful is that you've started having two-to-three large bowel movements per day. I usually have one, but a couple of days into Week One, I've started having two, and during the last days even three. I assume that's the sign my cleansing was done alright and I don't need to spend more time on these organs and will continue with the next phase: Cleansing the Lymphatic System.
Anyway, the foods & the supplements in the Programme are chosen in the way that a smooth cleansing of all organs is done the whole time, with a stress on particular organs time after time.


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