Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 5 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Kidneys and urinary tract & Intestinal tract cleansing: Day 5 of 7
Today wasn't a big day for my Detox programme :( 
Firstly, I still don't feel very well after the cold I got last week, and secondly I didn't follow the regime strictly. I started as in the previous days, with my coffee, then taking the detox pill, the probiotics one, and the Magnesium. But then, instead of taking the recommended for the phase herbs, I made a different tea, to fight the cold. I put in:

1.5 l water;
2 bags of camomile;
4 cm fresh ginger root;
3-4 stalks of fresh thyme;
3-4 stalks of fresh oregano;
4 teaspoons of wild brier hips
I brought it all to boil and then left if to infuse for 15 minutes. This tea is very healthy and recommendable, especially when colds or sore throat are involved. Not so much for the kidneys and the intestinal tract, though...
Anti-Cold Tea

I drunk a cup of this delicious tea and put the rest in a thermos bottle. Took it with me as I went to a friend, who just moved into a new house and asked for help with unpacking. My friend cooked me  lunch (vegetarian pasta with tomato & basil sauce) and I couldn't refuse and risk to offend her so I ate it. In the evening I attended a cocktail reception and again there was no way to eat a big green salad. Of course, I didn't drink alcohol at all, but ate a few sandwiches. 
Back at home it was too late to eat whatever so I only took the next dose of supplements and put the detox stickers on my feet.
I hope I haven't ruined the detox programme!


Ana Maria Jivkova said...

Great recipe!It works!

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