Monday, October 17, 2011

Days 15 & 16 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Liver and Gallbladder cleansing: Days 1 & 2 of 7
My favourite detox phase! I start each day with a smile as I anticipate the best fresh juice ever: apples, carrots, beetroots & ginger! When I wake up, I drink my usual cup of organic coffee, followed by a glass of lemon water (half lemon in spring water).
Then I make & drink my favourite juice:

here it goes:

Mmmmm, so yum! And powerful! Back in July, I had a very bad allergy attack. My face was swollen and could hardly see. This juice had then literally saved my life. It's so strong, that often after I drink it, I feel weak so need to secure time to rest.
In 30 minutes after the juice, I drink the other supplements, as suggested by the Ultimate Detox Plan, and some that I added to the Programme. I now drink 2 spoons of flax oil a day (one in the morning and one 30 min before bedtime), Lecithin (dissolved in water), Denoxinal, Omega 3, and drink Milk Thistle tea. What can I say about this herb tea... it's so bitter... Hope it helps... Lecithin, on the other hand, tastes sweet, as boiled apricots.

Flaxseed Oil


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