Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Days 18 & 19 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Liver and Gallbladder cleansing: Days 4 & 5 of 7
I almost finished the Liver & Gallbladder cleansing. Comparing these five days to the first 5 in the Detox I did in July, I come to the conclusion that back then I cleansed very well and now there wasn't much to improve. So far I haven't noticed the miracle changes I had, during my first Liver & Gallbladder detoxification, with my skin condition, my body reaction, etc. Maybe my expectations were
too big. Or maybe I was too hard on myself, and overstated the condition my organs are in. After all, I try to live very healthy and maybe this also has resulted in the fact that I hardly notice I'm following a Detox Plan. Or the author of the book was right and this cleanse procedure is doing its deeds so mild that no typical symptoms of detoxification are to be experienced. Whichever the reason, I hope it's going right, and I'm cleaning out even the smallest buildups of toxines in my body!
I follow the daily routine, just trying to walk more. Yesterday I walked approximately 4 km and today - 8. I really feel lively after walking, full of energy and optimism.

I use software to keep track of my activities and enjoy listening to my favourite music while doing it. This way following the holistic approach to cleansing ;)
Here is one of my most favourite songs, excellent for running & walking (the latter if you don't mind smiling and jumping accidentally:-p).
I hope you enjoy it :)


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