Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Days 8 & 9 of 28 of Full Detox Programme

Lymphatic system (and Cellulite) cleansing: Days 2 & 3 of 7
I still don't feel very well and am busy with preparing the materials for a training I have at the end of the week, that's why will combine the second and third days of the Lymphatic system cleansing. 
I got into a morning routine: starting the day with a cup of organic coffee, followed by a fresh juice. Just to the wild cranberries, blueberries & apples I added blackberries & aronia. Two advices here: first, take the juice on an empty stomach (much stronger effect) and second, put
the berries (huh, Berry, I miss you!) first in the juicer and then the apples. This way the apple juice will wash away the much thicker berry juice. And the smell of this juice is just heaven!

I keep all the berries in the freezer and it only takes a minute or so for them to defrost.
I take the Denoxinal, Echinacea, and Omega 3 pills. Also drink lots of Cleavers's tea.

For lunch today I boiled Brussels sprouts with celery root. Garnished with olive oil, garlic & horse radish.

I've also started the dry-skin brushing, which is highly recommended during this phase of the Detox. I bought the brush a few months ago, but only used it once till now. Don't remember the exact price, something like EUR 20, from my favourite The Body Shop.

And here is a very informative guide on how to do a proper dry-skin brushing.
Yesterday, due to my illness, I couldn't walk much, but today (even though I don't feel much better) I had to. My oldest nephew is visiting me, so I had to buy some other products for him. I walked to the best shop in the neighborhood (1 Km from home) and right there I realized I'd forgotten my wallet. Had to walk back to take it and return to do my shopping. That's how I've managed to do some exercise as well! And to notice that mount Vitosha's top has been already covered by snow! Such a relaxing view... Perfect for meditation.


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