Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Full Detox Programme

Recently I've read the book The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan, which claims to be a guide to a greater health. Although I was thinking I was leading a healthy lifestyle (no meat, no cigarets, alcohol in moderation, plus sports) I was surprised to learn about the milliard ways toxins could penetrate our bodies through. And, very important to me, that under stress our own bodies also produce their own toxins. I was amazed by most of its content. As a result I decided to try the Plan.

The logic behind it is that the detox must be done in strict sequence, in four weeks, as follows:
Week One: cleansing the Kidneys and Bladder along with the Intestinal Tract
Week Two: Lymphatic System
Week Three: Liver and Gallbladder
Week Four: Blood, Lungs, and Skin
The rationale behind it, the author claims, is that such a sequence will give our bodies the chance to cleanse in the right order, without sluggishing in addition one or more of the organs involved in the detox process. More to that, there will be none of the usual symptoms accompanying the detox process, as headaches, fatigue, etc.
There are a few principles that apply, during the whole detoxification:
No eating meat, dairy, and all animal products;
No sugar, foods with yeast, and alcohol.
Avoidance of all types of vinegar except apple cider vinegar.
Avoidance of prepared, packaged, and fast foods, fatty foods and simple sugars and simple carbohydrates.
No large, heavy meals.
Yes to small meals and snack between meals.
Free of processed foods, artificial food additives, colours, preservatives.
Avoidance of synthetic sweeteners.
No drinking with meals.
No eating if you feel particularly stressed or anxiety-ridden.
Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full.There is much more to the book, of course, but my intention is not to reproduce it. If you're interested, go and read it.
After I'd decided to start the detox in accordance to the 4-Week Plan, I used my usual approach to solving tasks, which includes listing all steps and making a programme (something like a small project plan :). And here came the most difficult part: there was no strict programme to follow. Lots of do's and don'ts provided by the author, huge lists with suggestions for herbs/foods and nothing organized. I thought a lot if I should leave the idea and just find something better organized with an actual guide to follow, but then decided to go on and prepare my own programme.
I began with a preparation phase approximately 2-3 weeks before the first week of the Detox.
One of the advices in the book was during the Detox to keep a diary. My idea is to write daily blog entries instead. So I begin, a few days after the actual start, which is the reason a few blog entries to appear on the same date.


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