Sunday, October 16, 2011

Price Tags: Part Five (Cost of Week 3 of Detox)

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder is my favourite part of the detox procedure. The reason is that the best results are achieved thanks to my favourite fresh juice: apples, carrots, beetroots, and ginger. But apart from it, there are some additions to the plan, which are to be taken and are suggested to increase the power of the detoxification process. Those are:
Milk Thistle: BGN 1.20 (0.61 EUR)

Digestive enzymes: BGN 16.80 (8.59 EUR):

Lecithin: BGN 22.00 (11.25 EUR):

Amino acid Taurine: BGN 10.40 (5.31 EUR):

Flax Oil: BGN 5.27 (2.69 EUR):

Vitamin C: BGN 10.07 (5.14 EUR):


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