Friday, October 7, 2011

Price Tags: Part Two (Cost of Preparation Phase of Detox)

During the preparation phase I threw away all chemical-based cleansing product at home. Logically, the replacements came at a price. I'll list down all I bought but have in mind that the prices vary and, more to that, there are options to produce our own natural replacements at insignificant cost. Also, if you're not ready to cast out products that, as damaging as they might be, cost you a fortune and are far from
being empty, I will recommend that you start replacing those step-by-step. When something's finished, buy/produce a healthy, natural replacement. If you're usually buying quality products, the organic replacements won't seem expensive to you.
What did I buy you could see here and at what price:
- Soapnuts: 0.5 Kg @ 15.00 BGN (EUR 7.67). It's used for washing and can be used in washing machines. Half a kilo of soapnuts is claimed to be enough for the needs of a 4-member family, for half a year.
Soapnuts could also be used for dish-washing as well as in dish-washing machines.
More to that, it could be used as a base in homemade natural shampoos. The other ingredients should be based on your personal needs (type of hair, its condition, etc.)
Amazing product isn't it, huh :)
- For cleaning of oven & hot-plates: BGN 6.99 (EUR: 3.57)
- Dish-washing: BGN 7.39 (EUR 3.78)
- Bathroom cleaning: BGN 13.49 (EUR 6.90)
- Liquid Soap: BGN 11.99 (EUR 6.13)
- WC Cleaning: BGN 11.49 (EUR 5.87)
- All-purpose cleaner: BGN 9.69 (EUR 4.95)

As for the cost of skin & hair products: as I've been using organic substitutes for quite a long time and some of mine are gifts (as my face & eye creams & body-lotion) so I can't tell a fixed price. Also I've never put any make-up but lipstick so that's another topic I can't comment on.
I'm planning on preparing own shampoo, based on soapnuts, so once I've done & test it, I'll share the recipe & its price. So far I'm using a mixture of fuller's earth, 15 drops of almond oil, and 200 ml camomile infusion. Fuller's earth costs BGN 1.80 (EUR 0.92) for 150 gr, a bottle of almond oil is BGN 2.50 (EUR 1.28) and a pack of camomile is around BGN 2.00 (EUR 1.02).


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