Thursday, October 6, 2011

Price Tags: Part One (General Stuff for Detox)

Here I will try to calculate the financial cost of a Detox Programme.
1. There are some things you need for the cleansing programme but their use is much wider than for the detox so you might already have them at home, as juicers, blenders, thermoses, etc. Anyway, I'll include their prices here as well, as if you don't own such, you'll have to buy them:

- Juicer: my juicer is Tefal ZN-355C and I could see that in the moment it's on sale, and its price is only BGN 145 (aprx. 75 EUR). It also has a citrus press so it's a real good value;

- Blender: mine is part of a mixer, Tefal HT-41113 and the shelf price at the moment is BGN 75 (EUR 23). It's best for smoothies & soups.

- Thermos Bottles: I didn't have any, so I bought two the other day. There was a huge variety in the shop with prices starting at BGN 4.99 (2.55 EUR) to 49 (25 EUR). The ones I chose were these two. The price of the orange is BGN 9.99 (5.11 EUR) and the metal one is 14.99 (7.66 EUR).

They are irreplaceable when it comes to keeping hot herbal teas instead of preparing new ones every time or drinking them cold.
- Next thing which is good to have at home is essential oil burners. They must be ceramic and the essential oils must be natural. Never risk breathing chemical substitutes. When I come to think about it, there is no much value in any substitute in life...
I bought this one and its price is only BGN 3.99 (2 EUR):
 - Sport is a must element of the Detox Programme, as well as massages, steam baths, sauna, yoga... My choice was a no-brainer: the nearest to my home fitness & spa centre, which is also, by chance, the best in Bulgaria. It offers a 500 m2 fitness (with lots of cardio), 2 hot mineral swimming pools with jacuzzi & hydro-massaging system, steam bath, Fin sauna, hot-cold showers system, yoga, aqua-aerobics and so on. I bought a 6-month full-access card and thus I get everything included, for everyday, anytime I would like to visit.
I was happy I bought it during a promotional period, so the price was only BGN 425 (EUR 217.30) instead of the regular BGN 850 (EUR 434.60). The good news is that they almost always have some promotional offer on, so you could follow them and pick your best value.


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