Friday, November 18, 2011

Cashurman*: Tasty & Healthy Dessert

I bet you've heard the saying that everything, which is tasty is unhealthy. This couldn't be more wrong: I've proved it for myself and now gonna share with you.
Here is a recipe for a dessert, that is in the same time delicious and good for your health. More to that, it's got only three ingredients and is very easy to prepare:

Raw cashew: 50 gr.
Dates: 7-8 medium size, pitted.
Bananas: 2 big or 3 smaller.

Step 1: Crush the cashew in small pieces, but not too tiny.
Step 2: Cut the dates in same small pieces.
Step 3: Mix the two.
Step 4: Smash the bananas.
Step 5: Blend the mixture with the smashed bananas.
Step 6: Put in glass cups;
Step 7: Refrigerate for at least 30 min.

You could do that manually or using blender.

Enjoy :)

* credit to Irina for naming the dessert :)


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