Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living Healthy (To Be or Not to Be)

When it comes to talk about a healthy lifestyle, most of my friends state that toxins are coming their way from everywhere and there is no chance in escaping them or, if there was, it would be a) a very expensive way and b) not tempting for their spouses, children, etc. In such cases I always ask "why?". Why do they think it would be more expensive to eat healthy instead of unhealthy? Why do they think it would be more expensive to use natural cosmetics and house-cleaning products instead of chemicals? Why their partners, children, relatives would not care about their own well-being or would not eat
healthy foods? I've not heard an answer that would surprise me yet. Yes, toxins are everywhere. Yes, life is stressful and demanding. Yes, most children live on chips, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, KFC, french fries, croissants, chocolate, sugar in gazillion of forms...
So what? Shall we just agree and continue killing ourselves? And, yes, continue killing the ones we say we love most?
As children are simply dependent on us, they live the way we've taught them and eat what we've given them (or at least we gave them the permission to do so). And, there is something that never stops surprising me: people usually tend to hugely underrate their offspring. From one side, you'd only hear how wonderful, smart and gorgeous their children are. And, same time, how they would never consider eating and living healthy. Which reminds me of my last summer holiday, which I spent with my sister's family. Her youngest two, a boy (9) and a girl (5) were eating all unhealthy stuff they could reach. And then they'd noticed what I'm eating and started asking questions "why". I thoroughly explained then that I was trying to eat only good food and be healthy and in good shape. Both my nephew and my niece are slightly overweight and were deeply intrigued how was that possible: to eat as much as one wants and be in good shape at the same time. During my stay there, to my sister's sincere amazement, they were eating on my menu. Right now my oldest nephew (20) is living at my home (for a few months, while taking a hair-styling course) and I could see how interested in the healthy lifestyle he's became for the short time he's been here (4 weeks so far). He's curious about what supplements I'm taking, what food I buy and why, what are the benefits of it. And, no need to tell it, he's moved on my diet, too.
I believe most people think healthy food equals tasteless food. And that's why my friends and family are so deeply surprised when they taste the food I prepare and find it delicious.
Plus it is not necessary to eat & use organic products a 100% of our time. As everywhere in life, here too the rule 80/20 applies: if we stick to a healthy lifestyle 80% of the time, the other 20 does not have such damaging effect and our bodies could manage cleansing themselves.
I already wrote on how much it might cost to maintenance a home using natural products. And, actually, it may cost even less in terms of money, if we're willing to invest more of our time in preparing our own products. I plan to post here a few articles on home-made products that I've tried.
My next post will be on what we should try to buy organic and what not.

Now here is something to relax on and fill our souls with happiness, hope and positive emotions!


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