Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Is All Around

During my childhood in the socialism times Christmas wasn't a big deal at all. The older people may had celebrated it in some way or another but for us, the children, the holiday that was important was New Year's eve, as that was the time to find our presents under the Holiday Tree (called "елха" - "elha"). The presents were brought to us by Grandpa Frost and his
grandchild, Snow White, and were prepared by the seven dwarfs.
After the socialism failed in 1989 we've quickly adopted all the Western holidays, including some (as St. Valentine), which were even not a part of our Orthodox calendar.
We've changed the presents-exchange date from New Year's Eve to Christmas, and the name of Grandpa Frost to Santa Claus. Thus the evening before Christmas has become again the most important family gathering in the year.
This year was my first to prepare a traditional Bulgarian Christmas Eve dinner. It had to have 7, 9 or 12 lenten fares, and I chose 9:

1. Plate with fresh fruits, garlic & onion;
2. Nuts;
3. Sauerkraut salad;
4. Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes;
5. Humus;
6. Dried fruits;
7. Raw Xmas sweets;
8. Small flat soda-loaf with a coin;
9. Kidney beans stuffed sun-dried peppers;

In the coming days I'm going to upload the recipes for a few of the dishes, meanwhile I hope you all enjoy your holidays and have the luck to spend them with your loved ones!
To all the others, just watch again "Love Actually" (if you haven't yet this year) and remember that love, actually, is ... all around!


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