Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer *

In the last few years I've been searching a lot of information about what to eat and how to live in order to improve my health condition. I've been suffering all my life from different forms of allergies and often been sick. Step by step I dropped meat, fried & canned food, milk and dairy products, sugars, flour, chemical cleansers, etc. I've read a lot of books and listened to gigas of presentations and lectures. But the book I read last, Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer by Raymond Francis, M.Sc., was the one that impressed me most.
I got hold of it while visiting a friend and spent quite fab time reading it. It was much more than promised by its title. It's a book about health and how to maintain it in good shape. According to the author, there is only one disease and that's the malfunctioning cell, and respectively there is only one cure to it: to heal the cell! No matter what we call the symptoms of the malfunctioning cells, cancer or any other name, the disease is one and so is the cure. Knowing what causes the cell to malfunction, deficiency or toxicity, is the key to heal.

In order to regain your health or keep it at a good level, you need to strictly avoid the so called "Big 4":
- Sugars;
- White flour;
- Milk, Diary products, and excess consumption of animal proteins;
- Processed oils;
We also need to replace all poisoning chemical cleansers at home with organic ones, and try to avoid
What is the main purpose? To switch off the malfunctioning cells thus to switch off the disease!

And I must not forget to mention Francis's ban on the modern medicine. In his words the medicine nowadays is poisoning the cells not curing them. He rejects all known official treatments of cancer and even claims that the big corporations simply don't want to invent a cure against cancer and this way to lose their huge income.

* the subtitle of the book


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