Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wish You Were Here

Surely there are times in our lives when we're set apart from the ones we want most to be with.
People in my country say that eyes that are not seen are to be soon forgotten. That time and distance play major role in all relationships. That if you're not together, you soon take your own paths and alienate. But I've seen people who live together and lack togetherness. People who can look into your eyes and swear they love you and can't even imagine living without you, and yet they
know nothing about what love is all about. And why do we tend to put a label on everything? Why must we try to control our lives and the people who brighten it?
And what happens if the one you feel closest to is thousands of miles away?
Is there a better tomorrow, waiting around the corner? Shall we spend our lives waiting for it to arrive? Why not simply enjoy "today"? The only sure thing in life. As yesterday's long gone and tomorrow never comes...
And if the distance can't be overcome, but even so the time doesn't change a thing, what then?
So many questions and yet there is no clear answer, huh :) One is for sure: we never know what tomorrow holds for us...


Zac said...

Life is here and now! Live with the flow!
Nice cover, btw.

SoulCooks said...

I like it even better than the original!

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