Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

And here comes my first post for 2012, along with my wishes for better life for everyone! Hope that the year has started for you as good as it has for me, and wish that this one is better than all in the past!
And here is the song that'll close the loop between the beginning of time (for me ;)) and this day in particular. The idea came from the lately viral wave in FB: everyone to find the song which was number one of the week they were born.
I was curious so I searched for it and the result enchanted me in a way. It's really the type of song I'd have chosen if I could.

Hope you'll also like it ;)

Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond:


Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful song, and I love it, although this version is old and scratchy!

SoulCooks said...

I don't mind things being old and scratchy ;)

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