Saturday, January 14, 2012

Healthy Falafel

If I had to make a list with the foods I like most, falafel would be well ahead on it. Though I last ate it years ago, when I still was eating fried food. Then recently I suddenly realized that I could bake instead of fry them. Which was kind of stupid, as at my mother's home meat balls were always baked, not fried, and should've come with this idea years earlier. But as people say, there is no point in crying over spilled milk, and so I did - found a few
falafel's recipes online, combined a few, made amendments, and here it goes - my special baked, healthy falafel!

Ingredients (for approximately 25 falafels):
1. Chickpeas: 2 cups, soaked in water for at least 12 hours;
2. Garlic: 6-7 cloves;
3. Bread crumbs: from 2 slices of whole wheat bread;
4. Fresh lemon juice: from half lemon;
5. Ground cumin: 2 tablespoons;
6. Baking soda: 2 tablespoon;
7. Ground coriander: 1/2 tablespoon or if fresh: 1/2 cup, chopped;
8. Himalayan salt: 1/2 tablespoon;
9. Cayenne pepper: 1 teaspoon;
10. Black pepper: 1 teaspoon;
11. Onion: 1 small;
12. Sesame seeds: 1 teaspoon;
13. Vinegar: 50 ml;
14. Eggs: 2 organic;
15. Olive oil: 2-3 tablespoons;

Step 1: Wash well the soaked chickpeas and then put them into a food processor or mashed them well into a smooth mixture:

Step 2: Mix the garlic, onion, cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, sesame seeds, and baking soda:

Step 3: Add the eggs, the mixture from step 2, the bread crumbs, and again mix well:

Step 4: Leave the mixture aside for 30 min;

Step 5: Warm the oven to 150 C;

Step 6: Cover the baking dish with cooking paper and sprinkle with olive oil;

Step 7: Wet your hands in the vinegar and shape little balls then slightly press them to achieve the desired form and put in the baking dish:

Step 8: Bake for 20 min (until slightly red) then turn the falafels on the red side and cook for another 10 min.

Enjoy :)


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