Monday, January 9, 2012

Vitamin-Bomb Salad

One of my most favourite salads is the one made of carrots, beetroots, and apples. I usually grate them and season with olive oil. And then, last month I tried this salad in a restaurant, but the ingredients were sliced into thin sticks, instead of being grated. And there it was! The one thing needed to bring the salad to a totally new level
of taste. I tried it at home, making some amendments to further improve its taste, and am ready to share this amazing recipe with you :)

First lets see the ingredients and talk a bit about the choice I made:

Ingredients (for 4 servings):
1. Carrots: 2 large;
2. Beetroot: 1 medium;
3. Apple: 1 medium (preferably sour);
4. Ginger: 2-3 cm;
5. Garlic: 3-4 cloves;
6. Flax oil: 2-3 tablespoons;
7: Lemon juice: from 1/2 lemon;

Why did I named this salad a "vitamin-bomb"? Here you could find information about the nutrition content of all of them:

Carrots      Beetroots      Apples    Ginger    Garlic     Lemon    Flax oil

Then next question: is it possible to mix together so many healthy ingredients and yet the end result to be tasty? ;) Yes, and here is how:

Step 1: Slice the carrots, beetroot, and the apple into thin sticks and put them in a large bowl. It requires some time to do that. If you are not willing to make the extra effort, simply grate them all. The taste is also very good, though the sticks are a way better;

Step 2: Mix the lemon juice, pressed garlic, grated ginger, and the flax oil in a bowl;

Step 3: Add the mixture to the sliced carrots, beetroot & apple, and mix well;

Step 4: Cover the salad bowl with foil (to avoid direct access to oxygen) and put aside for at least 30 min;

Enjoy :)


Lynda said...

Gosh that's delicious! Many thanks for sharing!

SoulCooks said...

You're welcome :)

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