Monday, May 28, 2012

Earthquake & Friendship

We had a strong earthquake here, in Bulgaria, a few days ago. It was like a nightmare: I was woken up by the strong shakes of my bed, it was like vibrating up and down, and the same time moving left and right. Everything in the room was shaking. It continues for a few seconds, stopped for awhile and then again started shaking. I was so shocked. I jumped off the bed, put some clothes on, grabbed my cat, and along with my sister and nephew (who were staying with me) went out in the open. Almost all of my
neighbours were there as well, all frightened. We stayed there for awhile then moved back in, although I knew I wouldn't be able to get asleep any more this night. And a few minutes after it stroke again. The aftershock felt almost as strong as the original one. Maybe because the first time I was still sleepy and didn't realize what was going on at its fullest. There were things all around the floor. We went out again and stayed there till the morning. There were more aftershocks and every next one just added up to my anxiety. In the morning it started raining and as I hadn't got an umbrella with me, went home. I've never in my life felt so scared before. I think that the worst was the I didn't know if it was to strike again and if yes - when. And it was shaking again and again. With no logic behind he shakes: some were strong, some weak, some followed one another, some were on their own for hours. I couldn't sleep well the night after as well: woke up every time when there was a earthquake. And the night after... And it's been like this for almost a week now. I realize that it could've been much worse and that we are actually lucky to have survived it with so negligible damage. Yet I can still feel the fear in my hearth.
I also realized that what people say, about understanding in such moments what is really important for you, is true. All I took with me on my way out of home was a rucksack with my cat in it, my wallet, our passports and my mobile. And it was strange to see all those people around me with whom I live in the same building but hardly ever exchanged anything more that "hello or good day". We were sharing our hopes and fears and felt strangely close. Then my mobile rang and a close friend rang just to be sure that I'm OK. Then another. And on the next day there were so many friends and relatives calling from all around the world, all concerned how I was and if they could be of any help to me! But there were also people who were distant or showed no interest at all in what was going on around me. I can't say that I was hurt or thought anything bad about them. I just realized that there was no more space for such people in my life. Same as my house - stuffed with things I wouldn't even think to get with me on escape - there were still people in my life, who didn't belong there.
I'm still afraid and still have no idea what's going to happen next. I hope for the best to come and we all be safe and sound!


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