Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Healthy Sandwiches

Spring in Bulgaria can be amazing and I'm happy to tell you that this spring is everything that one could wish from it. It's sunny, everything is blooming and colours mix so beautifully that I sometimes I lose myself just watching it.
Spring is the perfect time to go back to the mountains for long hiking.
And that's exactly what I did a couple of days ago: went for a few hours walk in Vitosha mount and spent a wonderful time there. A friend and I chose the route from Knyazhevo to Vladaya. To our surprise, there were so many people in the mountain, that it seemed like the whole population of both Knyazhevo & Vladaya was out in the green.

This route is quite difficult, btw and there are no coffee shops or restaurants on the way, so we had to bring our own food. In my experience, sandwiches and fruit make the best lunch when out in the nature.

Here is my suggestion for tasty sandwiches.

1. Olive oil;
2. Rocket salad (or mix of green salads);
3. Tomatoes;
4. Organic eggs;
5. Wholegrain bread;

The quantity varies depending on the number of sandwiches you wish to prepare.

Spread olive oil on the slice of bread. Put the green salad on, then the sliced tomato, and on the top - the soft-boiled egg.

Enjoy :)


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