Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Summer Salad

Have I ever told you that Summer is my favourite season? I just love it! And although the astronomic Summer has not officially arrived here yet, the weather is very summerish: 30+ degrees (C) outside and lovely sun above us! During Summer I love eating seasonal foods, lite and tasty dishes. I also drink more water to help the natural process of detoxification through sweating. During the last weekend I went even further helping, with a very difficult hiking project, for which I'll tell you in a separate post. Now more about one of my most favourite Summer salads:
It's very quick and easy to prepare. What you need is simply:

Ingredients (for one serving):
Tomato: 1 big (preferably organic);
Garlic: 4-5 cloves, fresh;
Herbs: handful of variety of fresh herbs (in my case: oregano, mint, basil - green & violet, savory, and thyme;
Olive oil: to taste, cold pressed, extra virgin;Cheese: 20-30 g - optional, organic;

Step 1: Cut the fresh herbs;

Step 2: Cut the garlic cloves;

Step 3: Cut the tomato in big irregular cubes and mix with the herbs and garlic;

Step 4 (optional): Add the cheese;

Step 5: Add olive oil to taste;

Enjoy :)


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