Monday, June 25, 2012

Sandwiches with Salmon, Ginger & Fresh Herbs

I often eat sandwiches, especially when I feel too lazy to cook. Or when the weather is too hot (often the picture in BG during the summer). I grow herbs on my balcony (during warm weather and inside when cold) and practically am able to enjoy fresh herbs throughout the year! I put herbs in all my dishes as well as in all sandwiches.
For this particular one, you will need to also prepare Russian Style Salmon as described in my previous post.

1. Russian Style Salmon - thin slices to cover the bread slice;
2. Herbs: oregano, basil (I use 3 kind of basil), thyme, savory - to taste;
3. Ginger: to taste;
4. Wholegrain bread;

Step 1: Mix the cut herbs and grated ginger together:

Step 2: Place on the bread slices as base:

Step 3: Cut slim slices of salmon and put on top:

Ah, my mouth started watering, I must quickly prepare a new portion of Russian Style Salmon!


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