Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cretan Salad with Dakos

I just returned from a trip to Athens, where my good friend Sofia gave me original Cretan wheat rusks, called Dakos, and some Cretan cheese, produces by her "nonos" (godfather in Greek). Back in Sofia I was so tempted to prepare one of the most delicious Greek salads, the Cretan one, that could wait no longer and did it for lunch.
It's a quick to make and very tasty salad, you only need the right ingredients and instructions on how to prepare it. You will see that I'm giving the ingredients for 1 salad, not separate servings. The reason is that in Greece people order the salads together and then share. I could only advise you doing that, to see how the spirit of sharing will bring closeness to you and your loved ones.

So here we go :-p

Ingredients (1 salad):
1. Dakos - 2-3 pieces (could be any other wheat rusk if you don't have the original Cretan one);

2. Tomatoes: 2 medium;
3. Garlic: 5-6 cloves (to taste);
4. Fresh oregano: 3 tablespoons (could be used dried as well, in which case 1 tbsp);
5. Cretan white cheese - 50 grams (could be any Feta cheese);

6. Olive oil: 1 tablespoon;

Step one: Put the dakos on the bottom of the salad bowl;

Step two: Mix together: the pressed garlic cloves, finely chopped oregano, grated cheese, and the olive oil;

Step three: Pour the mixture over the dakos in the salad bowl;

And here is the screen shot from Myfitnesspal app on the nutrition values of the salad:

Enjoy :)


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