Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Level Jewellery Making Completed!

Getting the certificate of completion
I successfully completed the first level of my jewellery course and, as I promised a couple of weeks ago, am now going to show you my first efforts in jewellery crafting. After the intensive course during the summer, we had three weeks to complete our first collections of at least 8 pieces (a set counts as one piece), using at least half of the techniques learnt. We also had to think of a theme of our collection. I chose "Nature"
as I'm so into this topic, from one side and from another, it's wide enough to compensate the lack of
imagination ;)
I know that there is so much to learn yet and that when I look back at what I've done now, let say in 2 years, I'd be rolling on the floor laughing, but for now I like them :) And, more to that, I really enjoyed making them. Starting learning how to do it was such a great decision and has been giving me so far only pleasant moments. Next month I'm starting the second level of my education. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully in my next collection there will be something that will provoke your desire ;)
But for now, here we go :)
Spring Meadow bracelet
Dragonfly set
Mountain Spring bracelet
Aegean Beach Necklace
Waterfall necklace
Tree of Life pendant
Mediterranean Sea set
River bracelet
Fish pendant
Winter Tree bracelet
Daisy set
Flower necklace
I hope you enjoyed it :)


Lina said...

You must be proud, these are so beautiful! Good luck!

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