Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jewellery Making: My New Hobby

I've discovered Atelier Marabu by accident but it turned out to be a lucky one! Thanks to their Jewellery making courses I've found my new hobby and devoted all of my August weekends to it. I assume there will be much more time spent on crafting my own jewellery (and, of course, the second level of the course, which starts in early October) but that
was also said to excuse myself for not writing here for so long :)
And as always when I'm so impressed I just don't know from where to start the story. OK, maybe with the first jewellery I've made:

That's the first jewellery I've ever made and it was made during my first lesson. I would myself have said that it's impossible to be made by someone with no experience, who's touching the tools for a very first time. But the truth is that it's SO easy and such a great fun that I simply have fallen in love with it! It made me feel so relaxed, happy & light that only a few minutes into it I knew I wanted to know more and to learn better. Our teacher told us that they even call it "Beading yoga"! And I could say that there is good reason behind such calling.
During August we made so many different and nice jewellery items (more than 50) that I now have a huge box stuffed with them. Although I gave away some of them. Actually most of them. As they weren't exactly my style, but fit wonderfully to the taste of some of my friends.
Here are a few more pictures:

Now I'm a week ahead of my certification exam. I have to make 7 to 12 items, combined by a single theme and for the making of which to use at least half of the 14 different techniques we learn during the course.
If I pass, I promise that there will be a post on that topic :) But now I'll leave you (it's time for me to get some beauty sleep) with this fantastic picture, which I took during my short holiday by the sea ;)
Enjoy :)


alfietta said...

they are all gorgeous pieces of jewelry, well done!! :)))

Maria said...

Thanks a lot! So nice of you to say so :)

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