Friday, May 24, 2013

Love Is Blindness

Busy, busy, busy... Is that an excuse or a symptom? Aren't we supposed to be able to find balance? Haven't I promised myself that I will always find time to do the things I love? Is being busy for something a symptom that you are no longer interested in that? Too many questions and not a simple answer. At least not for me. But today I've heard a new version of a long-loved song and just couldn't stop myself from writing here. Although I have materials and ideas for at least 7 more articles that I haven't found time writing... So here I am, sharing this new version with you,
hoping you'll see (hear/ feel) the beauty of it. I don't want to compare the two versions as both have their strengths and bring out the same emotions. Just maybe this versions is a bit angry and the other is a bit desperate... And both have answered truly to my emotions at different moments in my life.

And here come the lyrics:

Love is blindness, I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night around me?
Oh, my heart, love is blindness.

I'm in a parked car, on a crowded street
And I see my love made complete.
The thread is ripping, the knot is slipping
Love is blindness.

Love is clockworks and is cold steel
Fingers too numb to feel.
Squeeze the handle, blow out the candle
Blindness (blindness)

Love is blindness, I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night around me?
Oh, my love,

A little death without mourning
No call, no warning
Baby, a dangerous idea
That almost makes sense.

Love is drowning in a deep well
All the secrets, and nobody else to tell.
Take the money, why don't you honey?

Love is blindness, I'm so sick, I don't want to see
Won't you just take the night, wrap it all around me?
Oh, my love,

Love is blindness
Oh, I'm too numb to feel
Blow out the candles

Hope you enjoyed it!


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