Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Here with Me: My list with best TV Series

I was planning for a long time to write down a list with my most favourite TV series. I'll start doing it now, and maybe will come back later to add some more

1. The Blacklist - when it started, I was watching another one in the same genre, and my first impression was that it wasn't good enough. I have to admit, I changed my mind - it picked up and is now developing on a several levels. It's still in its first season, but they confirmed that there will be second season as well.

2. Homeland - Hmmm.... The first two seasons were hooking, but season 3 left me wonder if I'm going to even watch it in the future.

3. Game of Thrones - Best series ever? Yeah, I wouldn't argue that.

4. The Big Bang Theory - Simply hilarious :)

5. Mad Men - Part of me can't wait for the 7th season to begin, part wants to postpone it, knowing that'll be the last season...

6. House of cards - Boy, did I binge-watch the second season over one weekend? And did I feel afterwards like someone who's eaten all their food supply and was then left to starve to death? There should be a new episode each week of the year. Can we pass that with a law or something?

7. Downton Abbey - Such a fascinating story and so realistically shot.

8. True Detective -  Maybe the best detective story I've seen in ages. Not sure what the second season would look like... First season only had 8 episodes but the play of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was outstanding!

And as a bonus - a great song, which made it directly from the Blacklist to my Favourites in less than a minute ;)


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