Monday, October 3, 2016

Best TV Series, Updated List

I wonder if you've noticed how the movie-making and TV series-making industries have somehow shifted places recently? All movies are shot without a clear ending, hoping for a sequel. Then there comes the third, the fourth and so on, until it becomes a wide-screen series. And the quality of the production is not always good enough. Same time, some brilliant TV series have appeared - with great actors, intriguing plots, and plenty of money so that they were shot the best way possible. And the story is told well enough - the producers know from the very beginning that there will be 5 to 8 seasons, and how they must develop the story so that the interest in the series increases by each season.
Some time ago I wrote down my favourite TV series but now I believe it is time for an update.

This time I'd like to try and prepare some kind of rating of my own, so that #1 on the list is going to be the actual top of my preferences.

#12 - I will start with a newcomer to my list - Peaky Blinders - so strange yet interesting.

#11 - The Blacklist, and mostly because of Red.

#10 - Yup, although it's in its 10th season, I still love Sheldon Cooper! The Big Bang Theory rules :)

#9 - If you have missed Damian Lewis (Homeland), here he makes a noticeable comeback: Billions

#8 - After the fourth season of GoT, I have developed a crush on Pedro Pascal (along with all the ladies, who watched him portraying the Red Viper, I know...). Narcos here gives us him back, and so much more.

#7 - A nowadays Sherlock? Brilliant idea, folks!

#6 - Not a minute of disappointment with my #6, Fargo.

#5 - Homeland. I'm so glad they've managed to find their way back to the great story.

#4 - Mr. Robot - although not sure the same trick would be interesting a third time...

#3 - House of cards - just love it.

#2 - True Detective. I know, I know - season 2 wasn't what season 1 was. But hey, there is still hope that season 3 would be mind-blowing again.

#1 - Now that's the easiest call - my most favourite TV series continue to be Game of Thrones. And I am a huge fan of the books as well. Even I have developed my own GoT theory :)

update (5th Dec 2016)

Could not not add the three new amazing series, although they came out in the last few months.
1. Stranger Things - for everyone, who loves Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis...
2. The Crown - just awed me. A must watch.
3. Westworld - I will only say, that the last episode of the first season left me craving for more.

Have I missed any great TV series?

Keep watching :)


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