Monday, December 5, 2016

Best Christmas Films List

Every year there is a time, when everyone starts watching Xmas specials. And I'm sure everyone has their own list of the best fils, that could quickly get them in the proper mood. 7 years ago I listed my favourites on FB, and then my friends started contributing to the list and now I've got more than 30 titles on it. What I've tried to do this year is to add a column with each film's IMBD score, and a link to it. Then I've sorted the titles based on their ranking.
My personal Xmas favourite is Love Actually, and maybe it says more about my optimism and well hidden santimental and romantic side that a thousand words would do :)
This year a friend requested that GoT should be added to the list, as apparently it was her #1 choice for watching during this time of the year. And as it has the best rating on IMDB, it suddenly topped the list. Now that's what I call a Xmas special ;)
And with no further ado, here comes the whole list.