Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Resolutions

I've been thinking recently, why do we need to believe that our life could magically turn around to better starting a New Year? Is that some code imprinted in our genes, or is it just something we need to help us go through our lives, without losing hope?
I was trying to count down the instances when my life had dramatically changed with the beginning of a New Year, and I’ve actually counted a few occasions - 15 years ago when I quit smoking for good, 10 years ago, when I started a diet and lost all the extra weight I gained after quitting smoking, and once, when I met a man during a NY celebration and with whom I felt madly in love.
Still, if I am to draw a line, most often than not, a New Year would not give me any
specific border between before and after, and most of the important changes in my life have happened in different months, in different years.
Still, people believe in the power that a NY is supposed to hold. All FB pages are now full of bragging of where and how fantastic people had met 2017, pictures, wishes, resolutions.
And yet, the most honest thing on the topic is this amazing song, performed by Meghan Trainor and James Corden.
Hope you enjoy it and that the New Year would really bring that positive change everyone wishes for!


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