Saturday, February 18, 2017

Post-winter Detox

Have you ever wondered why most of the detoxing, cleansing, fasting programmes start in February? I have. Not that I have a clear answer, but I think an idea has started to form in my mind. After all the cold winter months, during which one would mainly eat, drink and build depots full of toxins, February brings the hope of new life, slightly better temperatures, reminder of the soon coming spring and how you'd have to wear all the revealing cloths again... Now is the best time to get prepared for the new life and get rid of all the bad stuff you stuffed yourself with ;)
Since 2011 I've been trying to do at least one detox a year. At least 2-3 days long. For my first and Full Detox Programme you can read following the link. Typically I'd prepare everything myself, as I have bought a very good cold pressing juicer and smoothie maker, and a few books with fascinating recipes. But somehow this year I wasn't feeling quite motivated for all of this. So, instead of skipping my detox, I've decided to try something new. I've found this amazing new company,
Fresh Brothers, and ordered their Original Detox pack. How does it work? They offer a daily pack of 6 x 500ml bottles, each full of freshly cold pressed juice (or as we call them here in Bulgaria, "fresh/ freshes"). Each juice is different, and 4 of them are green, one red, and one (my favourite and the one you take last every day, beige). They deliver it the evening before your detox is supposed to start, along with an hourly schedule.
It is very well balanced, including so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, even proteins.
I never really felt hungry during the 5-day detox. (You can choose a different duration of the detox, depending on your needs and levels of toxication). And how could I? I drink 3l of fresh juice daily, plus the additional water and tea, so, at the end it's about 5l of liquids in my system every day.
I have often been asked if one can lose weight through detox. I think the honest answers is "no". Because you lose some weight during the detox (for 5 days it's approx 1.5 kg), but if you co straight back to your pervious unhealthy way of eating and living, you'd put them back pretty quickly, and even some more on top. Which happens with most of the short-term, shock diets.
What I'm planning to do now (I'm on my last day on juices today) is to start the correct post-cleansing diet, that will help me protect the results I've achieved and even elevate them.
What have I achieved thanks to my 5-day detox programme? Starting from my 4th day of cleansing, I felt myself much more focused, full of energy, with clearer mind, and much more motivated than I've been for the last almost 2 years. In addition to my mental clarity, I also feel lighter and cleaner. Today, for example, I woke up in the morning, feeling fully rested, eager to get out of the bed and start doing something. And this happened almost 20 mins before my alarm went off.
Now I plan to do an after-cleansing 5 to 10 days, and I promise to write all down by days and post it here.

Hope that was helpful ;)


Anonymous said...

Good luck Maria

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Jessica Rivera said...

The detox diet has come under harsh scrutiny over the past few months. There are ample claims that the only weight lost is the water weight form the initial fast and the natural weight loss occurs from cutting caloric intake. The detox diet is quite restrictive, to the point where some people are calling it a starvation diet.

SoulCooks said...

So true, Jessica. That is why I would never recommend to anyone to use the detox as a weight-reduction tool. Its aim is only to cleanse the system.

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