Thursday, January 18, 2018

Game of Thrones Final Season Theory

I was kind of disappointed by the seventh season of GoT: the speed of action was so crazy, the show's lost almost all of its magic to me. But then again, I only really liked the first three books of George R.R. Martin. And I’ve only recently read the fourth and fifth thoroughly. Both were kinda boring, full of so much unnecessary detail, characters I didn’t care about, situations
that were only put thereto make a point, all that stuff you put in a story when you’d lost the true purpose. More to that, one of my most favourite characters, Tyrion, had lost his way. Not only literally, but as a leading character. The other favourites were only mentioned in passing, which was good, I guess, otherwise it would’ve been only the last two books filling, not a real story about them. And Daenerys - such a disappointment: failing in every step, proving she wasn’t fit to rule or take a good leadership decision in every turn of events. I think G.R.R.Martin needed to buy time and simply didn’t want to start his final book, skipping the filling he fed us with, by saying “Four years later, we find our heroes….”
Thus I’ve kept reading only to find out what happens in the end.
So I was pleasantly surprised when the TV show had found a way to escape those traps in and had kept the good work for six seasons in a row. Maybe, if they had kept to one final, seventh season, instead of diving it to two, they would’ve achieved the impossible: to create a show in which each season builds on the previous and is better that it in some way, ending in the most fantastic, epic end, that makes it live in our hearts and minds forever. Yeah, not surprised it didn’t happen. It never happens in real life.
Anyway, I have a few predictions about how the show will end:
Daenerys will turn out to be pregnant and will deliver a baby-girl (probably named Lyanna);
Both Jon and Daenerys will die during the final battles/ childbirth;
Their daughter will inherit the Seven Kingdom and will rule them;
With Tyrion and Sansa as her guardians and protectors of the realm;

That’s it - I don’t have anything else that is different from what you could read anywhere in the net.
And let the force be with you ;)


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