Monday, September 16, 2019

Best TV Series 2019

After the big GoT final season disappointment, I felt some Best series list update is in dire need.
So here we go with the best TV series, which haven’t finished yet and I’m still watching them in 2019. After the fiasco with GoT I went through my list and cleaned it well. Here is what made the 2019 list (not in order):

  1. Mindhunter: almost two years after its first season (which hooked me well) we had the pleasure of enjoying the second and followed the development of the  behavioral unit of FBI. An episode shorter but still very enjoyable season. Highly recommend it to anyone, who likes mind games;
  2. Love, Death & Robots: surprisingly well developed animated short stories (some really short), with no visible connecting thread. Imagine animated Black Mirror.
  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: second season, which beats the first on many levels: hillarious and deep, here comes my new favourite comedy series :)
  4. Dark: supernatural German series, with time travel and many unsolved dramas. It was hard to predict how things would develop in the second season, and I'm happy to say that they've found a way :)
  5. Ozark money, stolen from the Mafia, unfaithful partner,  alienated family, big jump into the unknown - quite the recipe for TV series. 
  6. Young Sheldon: for all who loved The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper. Much more on the politically correct side, but hey, it's 2019 now and it doesn't matter that we go even further back in time :)
  7. Black Mirror: I was particularly disappointed in the first episode, which was supposed to be "interactive". I guess I was expecting too much. The rest of the episodes were not bad at all.
  8. The Crown: waiting for the third season, which will show whether the charm was in the actors or is it in the show. First two seasons were beyond good.
  9. Billions: smart people playing with billions. Risking love, friendships, and mostly other peoples dignity and happiness. Where the game would lead us? Very good fourth season.
  10. Peaky Blinders: what becomes of gangsters when the gangsters are strategy lovers? Is one smart and fearless man enough to change the destiny of all surrounding him? 
When I get some more time on hands, I'll probably list down my favourite short series. Including the ones, which should've stayed short series, but went out and messed it all with a second season.

Enjoy watching and share your thoughts :)


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